Dating back to when humans first walked the earth, our role in nature has been that of hunter-gatherers. Our bodies are fine tuned to eat "grass-fed" animal proteins and edible "organic" vegetation to maintain optimum health.

So why is our health declining in our modern age? The answers are complex.

Our modern corporatized agriculture methodologies are designed to maximize profits with cold efficiency. In terms of meat production, modern farm animals are fattened with corn, soy and other feed before being harvested. This is unnatural for the animals because they should be foraging on grasses to maintain their own health.

Since modern agriculture has changed the quality of the meats available on the market using these methods, we have given a name to the highest quality meats humans have always eaten prior to modern agriculture: "grass-fed and grass-finished".

Animals allowed to forage on grasses for their entire lives produce meats that are in-line nutritionally with the animals humans once hunted. In order to maintain optimum health, humans are fine tuned to eat grass-fed meats specifically because of the content of vitamins and minerals and, more importantly, the ratios of fats and fatty acids.

So, What Is Health 1.1?

Health 1.0 would be like going back to our hunter-gatherer days, hunting down and eating meats that we call "grass-fed" today.

In the 21st century, we're not hunter-gatherers any more. But in order to maintain optimum health, our bodies still require the nutritional balances from the superfood grass-fed meats we have always had dating back to the times when we did hunt and forage for our own food.  

Health 1.1 is the merging of old-world superfood nutritional requirements for optimum human health with our 21st century way of life. It's like going back to eating in our old hunter-gatherer ways, only the hunt is all online!

Although The Blue Ridge Market proudly provides the highest quality grass-fed grass-finished meats from the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, we consider ourselves a Health 1.1 Company. We improve the health of our customers and the planet alike. Providing grass-fed meats is the means to accomplish our dream of optimum human health. It's not just superfood, it's superdelicious!

We believe that providing ethical, locally sourced grass-fed grass-finished meats from right here in the USA supports optimum health 1.1 for you and your family.