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100% Grass-Fed and Grass Finished

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Curated Box

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food” - Hippocrates

We Believe:

In Healthier People, A Healthier Planet, The Ethical Treatment Of Animals And That Healthy Eating Should Be Easy, Affordable And Delicious.

So, We Proudly Provide 100% Grass-Fed and Grass Finished Free Range Premium Quality Superfood Meats From The Lush Green Pastures Of The Blue Ridge Mountain Foothills Of North Carolina, USA.

No Hormones, Chemicals, Fillers, Colors or Antibiotics | Ethical And Humane Treatment | Environmentally Conscious | Quick Delivery | Curated And Easy | 100% Made In The USA | Discover Health 1.1

Curated. Simple. Healthy.

Grass-fed free range meats for better health. Ethical treatment of animals from local farmers in North Carolina, Made in the USA.
Farm to table. Grass-fed free range meats delivered frozen to your door.